solar & energy
storage systems

The PowerCap® Energy Centre is a fully integrated, centralised energy storage system that can be scaled to meet the energy demands of any application.

PowerCap® technology offers systems to commercial consumers and grid support operators that have faster response time and increased control, efficiency, and reliability for their daily energy management activities.

Applicable for grid ancillary services (such as Frequency Control) and energy trading, PowerCap® technology delivers elevated clean and safe energy security. The proprietary algorithm-based Battery Management System designed and used in PowerCap® technology system, actively balances and stabilizes the system, and delivers deep cycle and long duration discharge at an energy density that is comparable to Lithium-ion Batteries.

The PowerCap® Energy Centre has been designed for easy transportation and installation with features such as integrated battery modules, a thermal management system, a fire suppression system, and a DC isolator board that has been tested to AS 61439.

microgrid developmenT

The ZED Microgrid can be powered by distributed or centralised generators, batteries, and/or renewable resources like solar panels.

Depending on how it’s fuelled and how its requirements are managed, a Microgrid can run indefinitely as a ‘Virtual Power Network’ (VPN), or a Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Microgrids not only provide backup for the main grid (in case of emergencies), but can also be used to cut costs, or connect to a local resource that is too small or unreliable for traditional grid applications. A Microgrid allows communities to be more energy independent as well as provide a greener energy source.


The need for Solar Farm Developments globally has hit an all-time high and is predicted to continue for the next few decades.

Zero Emissions Developments (“ZED”) develops solar farms that incorporate its High Energy Density PowerCap® Graphene Hybrid Supercapacitor and / or which is more cost effective than any other system available today.

A ZED Solar Farm will be able to produce clean and secure power more cost effectively than the Grid (comparatively to the two (2) largest fossil fuel markets in the world, Australia (Coal and Gas) and Saudi Arabia (Oil and Gas).


ZED has introduced a project delivery method known as the Behind-The-Meter® “Power Purchase Agreement” (or “PPA”) that can provide a cost effective and secure power supply to commercial, industrial, rural and mining operations and communities without any upfront capital expenditure.

The Behind-The-Meter® PPA allows for a longer amortisation period (Circa 30 years) of the plant and equipment that results in greater savings early in the project life.

Typically, solar PV and battery systems are financed over a relatively short period of time (between 5 to 10 years), which results in prolonged savings realisation.

rural & Mining development

ZED is proud to announce its Behind The Meter® on-site renewable energy generation, storage and back-up solution for Agricultural applications that incorporate the long life PowerCap® Energy Storage System.