The Amp-el Energy® system

Energy security, grid stabilisation & Fast charging ev systems

The Amp-el Energy® system is designed to provide distributed renewable energy and fast charging capabilities for both commercial and residential use.

It incorporates cost-effective renewable energy production systems that are coupled with ZED’s PowerCap® battery system.

This innovative battery system has a long lifespan and is recyclable. It utilizes high energy and power gravimetric and volumetric density technology to deliver efficient and reliable energy storage.

In addition to providing cost-effective and reliable energy storage,
the Amp-el Energy® system offers several other benefits:

  • Blackout protection
  •       Built in power factor correction
  •       Bidirectional electric vehicle (BEV) on-site fast charging
  •       Front-of-Meter trading for grid stabilisation or arbitrage for high feed-in-tariffs

As a businesses increasingly focus on ESG goals, the amp-el energy® system can help companies reach their sustainable targets

The system’s renewable energy sources and efficient energy storage capabilities make it an ESG goal-enabling system that can help businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lower their carbon footprint.

  • Energy security, particularly in areas with weak grid power
  • Long-term mitigation of electricity price rises (30 years)
  • Fleet electrification to reduce GHG emissions as well as Total Cost of Ownership.