Solar + Battery Offer

Reduce or eliminate energy bills by capturing and storing energy throughout the day for later use.

Working as an evergreen energy bank, you can continue to power your business even when the sun goes down.

What savings can I expect with a Solar + Battery package for my business?

By adding a solar and battery package to your business, on average business owners can save up to $16,000 over the lifetime of their battery, on top of what savings can be made with just solar PV.*

What do I get in a Solar + Battery package for my business?

As we rely on batteries for a myriad of essential day-to-day tasks, this technology must be efficient, sustainable, safe and durable. The primary issue with energy storage technology available today is the effect it will have on tomorrow.

PowerCap Energy® Storage System

Key Features

Solar PV System

When it comes to installing rooftop solar PV panels ZED only use Tier 1 solar panels.

Key Benefits

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