+The Problem

Each year, Australia produces 3,400,000 tonnes of plastic waste. With over 90% being sent to landfills rather than recycled, these plastics contribute to 5% of global emissions and are destroying our natural environment.

In response to this crisis, the Federal Government recently passed the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 to make manufacturers responsible for the disposal of their waste. This new legislation will force massive industry change as companies are now obligated to develop environmental waste disposal procedures and are prohibited from exporting any waste plastic, paper, glass, and tyres.

+The Solution - Waste to Resource

Zero Emissions Developments’ proprietary pyrolysis technology is working to solve the waste crises whilst boosting the national economy.

Pyrolysis is the chemical and physical decomposition of organic material that occurs at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis cause complex organic molecules to break down into simpler molecules, fundamentally changing the properties of the organic material at a molecular level. Three main products are generated: gas, oil and carbon residue.

+Key Benefits of Plastic an Tyre Pyrolysis

  • Produces high-value resource from waste,
  • Reduces waste send to landfill,
  • Promotes circular economy,
  • 100% Carbon Neutral.