Our purpose.

To research, develop and bring to market clean and safe energy generation, storage and back up technologies to improve the quality of living for all.




PowerCap® Commercial

ZED’s industry-leading energy storage system, the PowerCap®, offers Behind-The-Meter® and off-grid energy security at a fixed price, competitive with any electricity retailer. By responding to grid fluctuations in a matter of milliseconds, the PowerCap® operates 24/7 to support critical peak demand. The system is 100% recyclable and has a life-span of up to 20 years longer than standard batteries.

PowerCap® Home

Designed and developed in Australia, our team of Internationally Accredited and Certified Engineering Researchers created a metal-oxide graphitic pseudocapacitor battery that lasts up to 2x longer than any other battery available today.

Our custom PowerCap® technology battery manufacturing process is advancing the high and low-speed electric vehicles battery industry with increased power density batteries, compared to other EV batteries. Zero Emissions Developments has created something new.

Access to clean and affordable green energy is a scarce resource. At Zero Emissions Developments, we have the answer. The PowerCap®, a metal-oxide graphitic pseudocapacitor battery that can safely storge the green energy harvested from solar PV and reliably powers your home or business. Learn how PowerCap® can grow with your energy requirement.

Plastic and Tyre Recycling

Zero Emissions Developments is working to address the waste crisis by developing a pyrolysis plant to generate resources from waste. Pyrolysis is the chemical and physical decomposition of organic material that occurs at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

Microgrid Technology

To advance the clean energy transition, Zero Emissions Developments are developing Virtual Power Network (VPN) Technology for Microgrid and Energy Trading applications. This technology enables community energy sharing and can provide ancillary service support through periods of high voltage instability. To read more about Microgrids.

Solar Farm Development

Since 2012, ZED has been designing and constructing bespoke solar farm systems using their proprietary Sunstalker® single and dual-axis solar tracking technology. To learn more about the potential economic savings and development process.

Grid Stabilisation and Centralised Batteries

As more renewable energy resources come online to offset diminishing fossil fuel energy production, the national electricity grid is becoming increasingly unstable. ZED has developed a scalable centralised energy storage system that works to stabilize the grid during periods of high voltage. To read more about voltage and frequency stabilisation.