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Renewable Energy Security System

Energy Security Solution

Site 1: Currently has 300 KW of PV solar installed across all building roofs of Carinity Age Care HQ at Gaythorne, Brisbane, Queensland along with a 400 kWh battery energy storage system that provides power when the sun goes down. During the evening hours, this stored energy reduces dependency on conventional power sources, as well as helping Carinity Head Office achieve its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. The solution is operated on an Energy-As-A-Service (EAAS) agreement basis.

About The Customer

Carinity Age Care stands as a prominent not-for-profit organization with a foundation rooted in Christian values. Dedicated to empowering individuals and families to achieve their utmost potential and lead fulfilling lives, Carinity has a rich history spanning over 70 years.

 Formerly recognised as Queensland Baptist Care, the organisation has been a catalyst for positive change by delivering comprehensive and integrated community services. Services include a chaplaincy and alternative education opportunities for teenagers facing difficulties in traditional school environments.

Future Project Update

Site 1a: The Carinity HQ Gaythorne, QLD site will be upgraded in the near future to include a solar PV-covered carport that will increase the capacity of the solar PV generation by 160 KW and an extra 600kWh of battery storage. This upgrade will ensure that Carinity Gaythorne QLD becomes a ‘Net Zero Importer’ from the grid, essentially making the head office grid independent.

2-15 Sites: Further Energy-As-A-Service (EAAS) agreements are in place with Carinity Head Office to provide energy security to a further fifteen (15) Carinity Age Care sites throughout Queensland along with seven (7) of the 15 sites with an extra 1 MWh battery installed to perform FCAS and NCAS trading.

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